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Music is my life, All time low is my Favorite band!
This blog will be everything all time low. the band, the crew, pictures with girlfriends/ex-girlfriends, Pictures with their fans.. etc
I think Alex and Lisa belong together, whether they are together in real life or not!!! I love Lisa and i think she is amazing, If you don't like her you might want to get off this blog
There will be pictures of her posted on here, Ones of her by herself & Ones of her with Alex or Alex's dogs.. If you don't like it leave I will not stop posting them cause of you!
I will NEVER ship Taylex EVER & If you see pictures of them on here it's cause they are friends NOT TOGETHER!
I Love Jalex but I'm a Rilex Shipper :) You will see pictures of both! I love all the members of the band & crew! All time low wouldn't be anywhere without their crew, Respect them!
I have been a fan of ATL for 8 years, My favorite two members of the band are Alex & Rian- but i love them all!!! Only answering that cause i get that question a lot!
It annoys me that Rian and Zack don't get the acknowledgement and respect they deserve! But that's okay I'll love them enough for everyone!

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